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Faculty of Education - dissertations database
version 0.2

Instructions for searching the database

You can search by dissertation author, keyword, or both. If both an author AND a keyword are supplied, then only records matching BOTH values simulataneously are listed. Searching is not case sensitive - upper and lower case letters are treated identically.

The keyword you provide is matched against the title, abstract (where available) and keywords list of each dissertation record for a possible match. A match occurs if the keyword appears anywhere in the text - thus ART will match ARTICLE, URQUHART and QUARTZ. To search for the word ART, enclose it within # characters, thus #ART#.

The database currently contains records of 2778 dissertations, of which 2182 records include an abstract. Only dissertations submitted during the following years are currently recorded: 1975-1982, 1985-1989, 1991-1999, 2004-2015.