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Our Responsibilities Towards Future Generations

International Conferences

Malta International Conference
World Declaration on Our Responsibilities towards Future Generations was approved.

A Guardian for Future Generations: Status under International Law.
Participants came from Canada, China, England, Hungary, India, Malta, Norway, Tunisia and USA.

Our Responsibilities towards Future Generations: Jewish, Christian, Islamic Perspectives.
Participants came from Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and USA.

Genetic Engineering and Our Responsibilities towards Future Generations.
Participants came from China, England, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malta, Thailand, USA.

Human Resources and Future Generations in Islands and Small States.
Participants came from Balearic Islands, Barbados, Canada, Denmark, England, Fiji, Isle of Man, Malta, Mauritius, New Zealand, USA.

1999 (May.)
Human Rights and our responsibilities towards Future Generations:
An inter-religious perspective.

Organized by the Future Generations Programme in collaboration with UNESCO and the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies.

2000 (January)
Caring for Future Generations:
An inter-religious Mediterranean Educational Agenda.

A four year project presented to UNESCO under the Participation Programme Request for 1999-2000.

Caring for Future Generations:
An inter-religious Mediterranean Educational Agenda.

General Aims and Objectives of the Project.

In its Transdisciplinary Project entitled Towards a Culture of Peace, UNESCO encourages countries surrounding the Mediterranean basin to go beyond their national interests and consolidate networks and links among institutions in order to promote intercultural dialogue between the two shores of the Mediterranean. Accordingly the Future Generations Programme commits itself:

  • to promote the rights of future generations within an intergenerational perspective of humankind;

  • to raise awareness among the present generation for the well being of future generations in the Mediterranean and elsewhere;

  • to mobilize Mediterranean governments and policy makers to safeguard posterity in all their socio-economic and political decisions and plans of action;

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  • to safeguard and conserve the quality of life in the Mediterranean by encouraging sustainable lifestyles;

  • to educate children, youth and the public at large to care for future generations by acting responsibly in all spheres of life in a way that respects the limits of natural resources;

  • to work for an environment of tolerance and peace by promoting inter-religious dialogue, particularly among the three monotheistic religions of the Mediterranean, namely Jews, Christians and Muslims.

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