Our Responsibilities
Towards Future Generations

Published for UNESCO by the
Foundation for International Studies
at the University of Malta, Malta 1990, pp 189

Edited by
Salvino Busuttil, Emmanuel Agius,
Peter Serracino Inglott and Tony Macelli

Contents Page
Introduction - Federico Mayor 7
Foreword - Mostafa K. Tolba 11
Preface - Salvino Busuttil 13
The Rights of Future Generations:
Some Socio-Philosophical Considerations - Peter Serracino Inglott
From Individual to Collective Rights,
to the Rights of Mankind - Emmanuel Agius
Responsibilities to Future Generations - the Scope - Tony Macelli 49
The Common Heritage and the Rights of Future Generations - Peter Serracino Inglott 67
Towards a Relational Theory of Intergenerational Ethics - Emmanuel Agius 73
Intergenerational Justice and Intergenerational Law - Edith Brown Weiss 95
Towards Ensuring the Rights of Future Generations: Scientific Aspects Sidney Holt 105
Institutional Aspects of a Charter of the Rights of Future Generations - Maxwell Bruce 127
Germ-line Cells - Our Responsibility for Future Generations - Emmanuel Agius 133
Enhancing Social Responsibility for the Future
Some Conceptual Issues - Godfrey Gunatilleke
Intergenerational Responsibilities - Paul Streeten 157
A Note on Economic Responsibility Towards Future Generations - Salvino Busuttil 173
The Future Generations Network - Tony Macelli 177
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