Future Generations & International Law

1998 Earthscan Publications Ltd, London, pp 206
ISBN: 1 85383 503X

Edited by
Emmanuel Agius & Salvino Busuttil
in collaboration with
Tae-Chang Kim & Katsuhiko Yazaki

Contents Page
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations vii
List of Contributors ix
Preface Salvino Busuttil and Katsuhiko Yazaki xi
Introduction Emmanuel Agius and Tae-Chang Kim xiii

Part l: Philosophical Reflections
Obligations of Justice Towards Future Generations:
A Revolution in Social and Legal Thought
Emmanuel Agius
Beyond Parfit’s Paradox
Per Ariansen

Part 2: State Responsibilities Towards Future Generations
The Responsibility of the State Towards Future Generations
Rachid Driss
A Guardian as Monitor of Sustainability of Marine Living Resources
Sidney Holt

Part 3: Future Generations as a Subject of International Law
A Commentary on the Status of Future Generations
as a Subject of International Law
Ajai Malhotra
Speaking Without a Voice
Boldizsar Nagy
Safeguarding Future Generations
Christopher D Stone

Part 4: Practical Legal Consequences of Future Generation Provisions in Existing Treaties
Protecting Future Generations:
Precedents and Practicalities
Philippe Sands
Precautionary Principle and Future Generations
James Cameron, Will Wade-Gery and Juli Abouchar

Part 5: Relevance of Rio Declaration, Agenda 21 and the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development to a Guardian
The Relevance of UNCED to a Guardian for Future Generations
Kevin Aquilina
Guarding Intergenerational Rights Over Natural Resources
Simone Borg
The United Nations as a Guardian for Future Generations
Geping Rao
Future Generations: Searching for a System of Protection
R St J Macdonald

Part 6: Draft Instrument
A Draft Instrument Concerning the Role of a Guardian
Maxwell Bruce

International Legal Materials Referring to Future Generations 167
Notes and References 177
Index 199

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