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Prior to the re-organisation of the Medical School in the 19th century, a number of individuals have been identified as having been appointed to teach the main specialties at the School of Anatomy and Surgery and later in the Collegio Medico.

School of Anatomy & Surgery
Lettore in Anatomy & Surgery
1676-1694    Giuseppe Zammit
1695-1723    Giuseppe Farrugia
1723-1753    Gabriele Henin
1754-1763    Enrico Magri [suffered apoplexy soon after appointment]
1754             Vincenzo Galli [acting capacity]
1763-1771    Michelangelo Grima
Collegio Medico
Professore di Anatomia et Chirurgia
1771-1797    Michelangelo Grima
1797-1798    Aurelio Badat

Professore delle operazioni chirurgiche e dell’arte ostetricia
1782    Saverio Micallef  [date of appointment]

Professore di Medicina
1771-1797    Giorgio Locano
1797-1798    Giuseppe Grech

The re-establishment of Medical studies in the 19th century with the various reforms carried out by the University authorities to ensure the maintenance of standards required the creation of a number of University chairs and lectureship posts. This significantly augmented the academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery.

Professor of Anatomy & Histology
1800-1813    Aurelio Badat
1824-1838    Gavino P. Portelli
1839-1858    Charles Galland
1858-1875    Salvatore L. Pisani
1876-1894    Hamilton Stilon
1894-1920    Carmel Samut
1920-1939    Ruggier Busuttil
1939-1953    Joseph Briffa
1954-1969    Victor Griffiths
1969-1977    John Leslie Pace
Professor of Surgery
1800-1813    Aurelio Badat
1824-1838    Gavino P. Portelli
1839-1858    Charles Galland
1858-1869    Giorgio L. Engerer
1869-1885    Salvatore L. Pisani
1885-1900    Teodore Bonnici
1900-1926    Salvatore Cassar
1926-1951    Pietro Paul Debono
1951-1969    Alfred Craig
1969-1977    Victor Griffiths
Professor of Physiology & Biochemistry
1800-1815    Ludovico Abela
1815-1831    Stefano Grillet
1833-1856    G.C. Schinas
1856-1902    Giuseppe O. Galea
1903-1925    Carmelo Mifsud
1925-1926    A. Portelli Carbone
1926-1939    Pietro Xuereb
1939-1963    Walter Ganado
1965-1977    William H. Bannister
Professor of Midwifery & Gynaecology
1802-1806    Francesco Butigiec
1833-1835    Agostino Bonnici
1836-1858    Saverio Apap   
1859-1869    Salvatore L. Pisani
1869-1880    Antonio Mifsud
1880-1904    G.B. Schembri
1904-1909    Salvatore Grech
1909-1930    George Debono
1930-1951    Guze Ellul
1951-1952    Victor Stilon de Piro
1952-1954    Guze Ellul [acting]   
1954-1962    Oscar Zammit
1963-1965    Joseph Rosario Borg[acting]
1965-1977    Arthur P. Camilleri
Professor of Pathology

1800-1815    Ludovico Abela
1815-1831    Stefano Grillet
1833-1856    Stefano Zerafa
1856-1894    Giuseppe O. Galea
1894-1920    Carmel Samut
1920-1926    R. Samut
1927-1948    R. Vincenti
1949-1953    Emmanuel Agius[acting]
1953-1977    George P. Xuereb
Professor of Medicine

1800-1815    Ludovico Abela
1815-1831    Stefano Grillet
1833-1856    G.C. Schinas
1856-1902    Giuseppe O. Galea
1903-1924    Carmelo Mifsud
1925-1938    Edgar H. Ferro
1939-1946    Pietro Xuereb
1946-1963    Joseph E. Debono
1963-1966    Walter Ganado
1967-1973    J. Zammit Maempel
1973-1977    Frederick F. Fenech

The Trade Unionist action undertaken by the medical profession in 1977 and the countermeasures taken by the administration led to the disruption of medical teaching and the dismissal of many of the Faculty departmental heads. In the initial years, until 1979, the clinical course was managed by Prof. G.P. Xuereb who acted as Co-ordinator of Clinical Studies. After 1979, new departmental heads were appointed, sometimes in a temporary acting position. The resolution of the unionist conflict after 1987 led to a new upheaval with the re-appointment of past and new appointees. The tenure to headship posts was changed to an elected temporary appointment by the Education Act XXIV of June 1988.

Head of Anatomy & Histology
1977-1979               John Leslie Pace
1980-1983               Marie T. Camilleri
1984-1987               A.H.B. de Bono
1987-1990               W.H. Bannister
1991-1995               Alfred Cuschieri
1996-2003               Marie T. Camilleri
2004-2007               Alfred Cuschieri
Head of Surgery
1977-1980               George P. Xuereb*
1980-1982               A.H.B. de Bono
1982-1985               Joseph A. Muscat
1986-1987               Arthur Felice
1988-1990               Victor Griffiths
1990-2000               Carmelo L. Cutajar
2001-2007               Godfrey Laferla
Head of Pathology
1977-1982              George P. Xuereb
1982-1991              Joseph Gatt
1992-1997              Maurice Cauchi
1998-2005              A. Cilia Vincenti
2006-2007              B. Ellul

Head of Midwifery & Gynaecology
1977-1979               George P. Xuereb*
1979-1988               Edwin S. Grech
1988-1990               Eddie A. Agius
1990-2007               Mark P. Brincat
Head of Physiology & Biochemistry
1977-1978               W.H. Bannister
1980-1982               S. Abu-Sitta
1983                        Marie T. Camilleri
1984-1987               A.H.B. de Bono
1987-1999               W.H. Bannister
2000-2007               J.V Bannister
Head of Medicine
1977-1979              George P. Xuereb*
1980-1981              J. Vallance-Owen
1982                       J. McD. G. Stewart
1983-1987             Angelo J. Psaila
1987-1995             Frederick F. Fenech
1996-2004             Joseph Azzopardi
2004-2007             Joseph Cacciattolo
Co-ordinator of Clinical Studies