University of Malta UNIVERSITY OF MALTA 
The Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights


Volume 5, Double Issue, 2001





Democracy Besieged

Ciro Sbailò





In Partibus Angliae: Images of the ‘Common Law’ in Italian Legal Culture

Guido Alpa


Humanitarian Intervention, Neutrality and International Democracy in the World after the Cold War

Salvo Andò


Security Culture and the Construction of Security Partnerships: the European Union and China compared

Fulvio Attinà & Zhu Guichang


Le Critère d’Appartenance a un Certain Groupe Social dans la Convention Relative au Statut des Réfugiés de 1951: 

Naïma Hadj Sahraoui Benbernou 


Human Rights Documentation in Malta

John J. Cremona


A Justification for Peace as a Human Right

Patrick Hayden


Constitutional Jurisdiction and the Role of the European Court of Justice

Antonio La Pergola


Human Rights in Tunisia: Dilemmas for the European Union 

Emma C. Murphy


Human Rights, Political Expediency and the War on Terrorism: Implications for Morocco

Tom Pierre Najem


La Protection de la Libertè Religieuse des Minoritès en Israël: 

Moussa Abou Ramadan


Acts of Blasphemy against Islam by Muslims in Egypt: Is the Death Penalty Written in the Qur’an? 

Declan O’Sullivan



Conference Report


Teaching Human Rights: An assessment of the M.A. in “Human Rights in Contemporary Reality” 

Isabella Rauti