What is Eumeness ?

Within the sphere of Social Sciences, the Foundation for International Studies has become a focal point and centre for the former Network of the European Co-ordination Centre for Research and Documentation in the Social Sciences (known as the Vienna Centre).

The past year saw the establishment of EUMENESS, an auspicious addition to the International Institute for Social Sciences. It assumes a similar role to its predecessor in Vienna, albeit with a different geographical and political sphere of interest. EUMENESS aims to give universities and organisations from the Mediterranean and beyond the chance to share views and work towards greater understanding of the issues affecting the well-being of the region's peoples. The aim is to promote the cross-fertilisation of European and Mediterranean cultural identities. The remit of the network is both ambitious and timely since the prosperity and peace of the region will depend entirely on how well the peoples of the Euro-Mediterranean area learn to live harmoniously with each other.

EUMENESS is a multilateral network of centres - or nodes - in different parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. It is designed on a new model of co-operation, not as a single institution, but as a network of academically like-minded, legally independent and self-financing centres. The Institute will act as a clearing house for all the centres and organise conferences, promote research and facilitate communication among EUMENESS members. It is a platform for the interaction of agencies and academies from European and Mediterranean countries as well as an instrument for policy implementation by ensuring that its findings reach appropriate policy-makers.

The network maintains strong links with UNESCO which donated US$50,000 to its establishment when UNESCO Director-General Federico Mayor inaugurated it in Malta in early 1996. The international outlook of the network is reflected in its board of directors which is composed of scholars from Italy and Malta, which share both European and Mediterranean outlooks, and the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Russian Federation.

Among the activities of EUMENESS will be the publication of a journal, the Mediterranean Social Sciences Review - a major addition to the small, but growing number, of scholarly journals published in Malta which enjoy an international reputation.

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